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It is important for us to make sure that our events calendar is accurate and up-to-date and we ask you to provide information that helps us to do this. Please note that any information which we think is unsuitable or incorrect will not be included in the events listings. Some types of event need to be licensed and you may be contacted by our Public Protection team who can give you advice on how to make your event as safe as it needs to be. We are only allowed to accept personal information about the person completing the form, or if you are submitting this information on behalf of an organisation you must have permission to do so. We cannot accept personal data relating to third parties who do not form part of your organisation.
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Please enter the full postcode of the event and then select the address from the list that appears. If you dont have a postcode, please either enter the town / village name or find the event on the map below and click on its location.


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The public must have a way of contacting someone about the event, so please provide contact details, which can be published on the web. At least one must be completed.

Data Protection

The information provided on this form will be held by Wiltshire Council and used by us to compile and administer the events calendar. Please note that your information may be accessible by internet users worldwide. Any use by a third party cannot be controlled by us. If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, please email dataprotection@wiltshire.gov.uk

Event enquiries

You can contact the events team by telephone on 01225 713152 during office hours or by emailing us at events@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Please tell us what you think about our website, we welcome your feedback.


If you have a complaint or concern about any event listed on our events calendar, please raise it with the provider or organiser first.

• For any event provided by Wiltshire Council, please contact the events team at events@wiltshire.gov.uk

• For services provided by voluntary groups, you need to complain to the management committee of those groups.

• For services provided by private groups, complain to the owners.

We do not recommend or endorse any of the events listed by third parties.

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